Hello, my name is


(although some people know me as Ryan Lee or Jet.)

I'm an independent game developer, and I have a game company named Rad Zone.

Games are pretty important to me!

Here are some games I worked on
Facotry Thumbnail

Factory Hiro is my first game that I released under my company, Rad Zone! It's out on a bunch of platforms including iOS, Android and PC. It's about a dude I used to work with at a game company who gave me a 'pro tip' about sleeping in the center of the office during the winter cause it's warmer. I hope he's doing okay.

Star Horse Thumbnail

Star Horse was made with my buddies Reece, Nick and Michelle for the Venus Patrol Space Cowboy Game Jam. Took about 2 weeks and all I remember is making coffee that had the consistency of maple syrup.

Open Letter Thumbnail

An Open Letter is a game I made when I quit working AAA and started independent game development in earnest. I sent it to people at my former office and some people couldn't finish the game which is funny for reasons... you'd get it if you finished it.

Tomb Raider: Definitinitive Edition Thumbnail

For Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, I worked primarily on converting the network layer over to use RakNet and updating the code base for next-gen consoles, as well as some UI work.

LittleBigPlanet Karting Thumbnail

I was a UI programmer for LBPK, and was tasked with implementing much of the in-game HUD you see while you're racing as well as the associated level editor components.

Climb Thumbnail

Climb is a game that was made for the TIGSource A Game By It's Cover competition. It took a month and one week to complete. NOBODY FOUND THE SECRET 2P CO-OP LEVEL >:C

Tangled Thumbnail

Tangled Mess is a game I might revisit one of these days. Made in ActionScript/Flash, there's a bit more info about it here. Unfortunately, now that Flash is dead this won't run anymore and I don't want to dedicate any time trying to fix it

Message Thumbnail

Message was made for Ludum Dare 17 - Islands. It was completed in 2 days and change.

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