Hello, my name is


(although some people know me as Ryan Lee or Jet.)

I'm an independent game developer; games are pretty important to me!

Here are some games I worked on
Facotry Thumbnail

I'm working on a game that is tentatively called Factory. It's about factories. It's somewhere between a puzzle / action game and a rhythm game. I hope you'll enjoy playing it when it's done!

Star Horse Thumbnail

Star Horse was made with my buddies Reece, Nick and Michelle for the Venus Patrol Space Cowboy Game Jam. Took about 2 weeks and all I remember is making coffee that had the consistency of maple syrup.

Open Letter Thumbnail

An Open Letter is a game I made when I quit working AAA and started independent game development in earnest. I sent it to people at my former office and some people couldn't finish the game which is funny for reasons... you'd get it if you finished it.

Tomb Raider: Definitinitive Edition Thumbnail

For Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, I worked primarily on converting the network layer over to use RakNet and updating the code base for next-gen consoles, as well as some UI work.

LittleBigPlanet Karting Thumbnail

I was a UI programmer for LBPK, and was tasked with implementing much of the in-game HUD you see while you're racing as well as the associated level editor components.

Climb Thumbnail

Climb is a game that was made for the TIGSource A Game By It's Cover competition. It took a month and one week to complete. NOBODY FOUND THE SECRET 2P CO-OP LEVEL >:C

Tangled Thumbnail

Tangled Mess is a game I might revisit one of these days. Made in ActionScript/Flash, there's a bit more info about it here. Unfortunately, now that Flash is dead this won't run anymore and I don't want to dedicate any time trying to fix it

Message Thumbnail

Message was made for Ludum Dare 17 - Islands. It was completed in 2 days and change.

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